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Tour de Alice gives you the opportunity to take on the challenge of riding up to 2156 miles in your own time, allowing you to clock up the miles at your own pace. Tour de Alice takes place from 29th August to 20th September 2020, exactly the same as the Tour de France.

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The Covid19 pandemic has affected everyone but experiences widely differ, exposing and extending existing inequalities, vulnerability, and hardship. The closure of schools has placed additional strain on those families relying on the financial and social support that schools provide with social distancing and lockdown making it difficult for families managing on a low income.

Alice charity have continued to support local families disproportionately impacted by the Covid19 pandemic with food parcels and well being phone calls.

A heavily pregnant Mum-to-be who had escaped domestic violence during Covid19 found herself temporarily housed in unsuitable accommodation, sharing a house with other men, no other women, with regular police raids. We were approached to provide baby equipment, nappies, and clothes, which we did. But we could not rest whilst this traumatised, vulnerable Mum-to-be was living in such unsuitable accommodation, so we contacted local organisations, but they were unable to help due to the implications of lockdown on their services. Eventually a totally amazing local organisation provided her with a lovely clean, safe one bedroom flat and mum-to-be quickly moved in. We provided her with bedding, microwave, toaster, and a food hamper to help her get started. 

One week later her baby safely arrived, and she was able to take her baby home to their own flat, safe in the knowledge that Alice charity will continue to support her. This wonderful new family will be moved out of the flat and into the community as soon as the covid19 pandemic permits, and we will be right by her side every step of the way, for as long as she needs us.

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